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"You might have imagined your wedding dozens of different ways.
Or you may know exactly how you want every detail.  
Whether you need the basics of helping the "day-of"  run smoothly,
or to plan details with you from the very beginning-
your wedding is our passion.
We have over 20 years experience specializing in weddings, working with vendors,  
and creating lifetime experiences." 

We take your vision, and turn it into your reality.


Part of the CTM Team

Owner, Kelly Aubuchon

The "DAY OF"

You have so many details to think about as it is. Even if you already planned it all out, you can't do everything- and at the same time enjoy the day. We work to make sure you don't have to. After all, its your wedding day! 


 We greet people, work with vendors, direct guests, keep the timeline flowing, setup decor- whatever is needed to ensure your day goes smoothly. 

All while catering to your needs for the day. 


We know your wedding is a once in a lifetime event- and great events don't just happen. They take time, creativity, and organization. We work with you starting the day you book with us to direct and advise on anything you may need help with. We create a timeline for you, as well as direct your rehearsal.


Elopements &
Small Weddings


Want to show up in your dress, to a glass chapel with your handsome groom waiting, and enjoy a beautiful worry free wedding? We can make it happen! 

At CTM Images & Events, we specialize in One Hour Events at Garvan Gardens.

We can handle coordinating, music, photos, and video all in one stop.

We can even order your cake or flowers.

Give us a call to discuss your needs



"Day of" vs. Full Coordinating

What do you really need?

And what is the difference?

The main difference between

"Day of" Coordinating, and Full Planning~

is who does the work in preparation for the wedding.

If you plan to make all your own arrangements, and handle all of your vendors, "Day Of" Coordinating may be all you need. We would work with you in advance, advise you as needed, create a timeline, orchestrate your rehearsal, and are on hand (set amt of hours) the day of your wedding for whatever you need. 

If you are not from the area, simply don't have time to make all your own arrangements, or don't want to ~ then Full Planning is the way to go. We handle all the work in advance. You tell us what you want ~ we find the right vendors and make it all happen to create an amazing event for you.  We organize the rehearsal, and are present all day the day of your wedding to assist the vendors, musicians, the photographer, guests, and of course YOU~ with anything you need~ all while you enjoy your Wedding Day! 


To discuss which package might be best for your needs,

or to check availability, give us a call or email us today.



From a Mother of the Bride:

"Very professional! I have been doing wedding planning and event designs for over 17 years. I was not familiar with Hot Springs at all and needed a wedding coordinator; Kelly did an outstanding job making sure the wedding ran smoothly. There was no drama and the flow of events ran beautifully thanks to her wedding coordinating talents. She was VERY professional and implemented every detail that was asked to be carried out. I would give her 6 stars out of 5 if that were an option."

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